Maplewood Police Depart


Officer Gyimoty and Officer Munoz attended the 2017 Harvest and Health Festival at Memorial Park.  While at the event they signed up interested residents for home surveys and registered bicycles with the police department.  Those in need of helmets that registered their bicycle were given a free helmet.

        The Maplewood Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit is made up of officers dedicated to crime prevention and education in safety and crime deterrence.  The Unit is headed by Detective Sergeant Michael Palmerezzi and a group of officers that have shown strong interest in assisting the community in these efforts.  As part of this mission, the unit offers in home surveys, runs National Night Out, meets with Neighborhood Watch Programs, distributes security reminders, performs bicycle registrations/distributes bicycle helmets, and takes part in presentations.  If you are a Maplewood resident and are interested in having a home survey completed, please send an email with your address and contact information to  We look forward to working together with you in order to create a safer community.